Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Sewing your hand woven fabic garment class at Saori Santa Cruz.

No fear in cutting out your Saori handwoven fabric!  Schedule a time  to come to the studio for a class and or sewing intensive!Denise came Last week with choices of  her fabulous Saori hand wovens  to sew!

  deciding on differnt design options
  my  white wool sparkling ice palace ruana here looks great on her!
   so do other designs

  the sewing studio is all ready!
First garment  we decided to sew is a beautiful overshot silk warp weaving Denise calls " old love letters"
it is exquisite ! wonderful weaving Denise!

  piecing ,pining, pressing, sewing…..

  until… Denise has finished her one arm stole it looks stunning!

  she is very happy and we used every inch of her silk warp cotton  and silk weft weaving!

now to chose the second fabric …..

  A black silk warp and saori silk fabric strips and black silk weft too!  a wonderful  weaving a almost ethnic feel!

 cutting pining sewing 
more pining , sewing , piecing, designing...

  BASTED! try on ….. we like it!!!!

  next day , day 2 pockets and sewing it up and finishing the seams and sewing the hems!

untill … Denise's  new jacket is finished!
  with pockets!

 I wish the mylar shiney gold threads showed in the photos! THE POCKETS ARE GREAT!

  what a fun  two day Denise!
 you new jacket and one arm stole look amazing!

 Molli is back and a new student Joan too!
molli bought a wx60 loom and is learning how to thread a warp, and joan is buying a new saori loom and wanted to thread as well
  I think we may be having a early Autumn this year, the mornings are a bit crisp but very lovely.

 JOAN is weaving!
  here is mollys white warp!

  threaded away from the loom and hung on the loom!

 Joan threaded her loom to take it home!
 winding bobbins with the Saori built in bobbin winder

back home  at molli's  she set up the loom for  her Nanna too! set up ready to weave in these lovey light filled room . they are going to share the
saori WX60 LOOM  info HERE


want to take it for a spin? make an appointmnet  and stop by the studio! or order it from Etsy shop I have in stock  ready to take home!

  I am planning to spin cotton  on it!

   i love my machine washable and dryable  bulky VERY soft COTTON on cone in my etsy shop here SOFT COTTON YARNS ON CONES
a all year round wonderful yarn for blanket, hats, and to add textured to saori yardage ! never stiff or ropey!

Peaceful weaving in the redwoods
Jill Nickolene Sanders
looms ,fiber  equipment , yarns by appointment 

I want to learn how to spin yarn! I want to learn how to Saori weave.

I recieved a  email from from Jessica " I have churro sheep and I need to learn how to wash the fleece and card and spin do you have a class in that? "
Yes I do…. and so Jessica came to the studio to learn!I had fibers and spindles and wheels ready on the outside teaching deck.
SAORI santacruz classes here
all set up for class
 Before we can begin we needed a class in scouring her fleece 

  Picking out second cuts

  soaking  her fiber

rinsing after the soak

 drying  ,all  fluffy clean!
  her churro sheep... from a photo she took.

learning how to pick and  then card her  fleece

  then learning  to spin on a  spindle ….one spindle of white ….
 …….and one in contrast.

 GOLDING SHEPPARD'S FLOCK SPINDLE HERE an amazing balanced easy to spin on spindle!

   taking both small balls of her first spindle spun and plying them on the  the LOUET DOUBLE TREADLE S10 WHEEL HERE

  NOW time to make a skein on the CLEMES AND CLEMES NIDDY NODDY

I love the clemes and clemes niddy noddy because it has a pin to release the the tension to slide down the arm to remove the skein. not a twist pressure fit type .
the noddy she is using is my 48 year old original clemes noddy ! she bought a clemes with a spindle to continuse to spin at home . mine it still solid and strong ! Clemes is still making them  the same way and same design!
I got a photo from jessica she is spinning her fiber at home sucess!!

Margery wanted to lean how to weave  starting from  warping and threading the loom!

 first thing choose her yarns!

  then learn to wind the warp!

  now time to learn to thread with the new Saori Kenzo Jo table top warping system here

  all  beamed on, threaded , she is ready to hang the inside set onto the loom.

and Jessica is weaving! 
when I learned to weave over 40 years ago it was a 7 hour day for 4 days class .  on traditional  Jack looms
Jessica learned to wind a warp dress her loom the Saori way .  saving  leaning over the loom a real back saver! she was weaving   on her warp on the Saori loom in about 6 hours!
  she went home with her new loom
a photo she sent me of her Saori WX60 LOOM  all set up with the 
 one of the  Swedish reindeer pads here I sell
peaceful weaving !

 I finished  two new loom bags for the saori piccolo loom!
 oyster  color block and rectangles!

  denim  color block


Peaceful weaving and spinning in the northern California redwoods
Jill N Sanders